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Warfield's History

Since the 1800’s, men and women have been drawn to Clifton Springs for the supposed Curative properties of the natural Sulfur Springs. Drinking or bathing in the mineral rich waters was believed to cure many ailments. Today, Clifton Springs retains the grace and elegance of the turn of the century.

One of the town's most impressive landmarks is The Warfield block, which houses the aesthetically stunning warfield's restaurant, lounge and bakery. The interior, with brick and Oak walls combined with ornate tin ceilings, Resurrecting images of times past. Stunning architecture is only the beginning of the Warfield’s experience. The restaurant features a seasonal menu of elegant Country Fare with Oriental and European influences. This culinary array combined with our professional staff and award-winning wine list guarantees a memorable dining experience for you and your guests.


English garden

Added in 1999, the English garden is located next to a coy pond, accentuated with Oriental goldfish and water fountain. Gas lamps illuminate the garden as well as the stone benches. Available for cocktail parties and small functions, the English garden is perfect setting to enjoy outdoor dining with the small-town ambiance that is Clifton Springs.

About Warfield's



The updated Lounge includes a cozy and comfortable relaxed interior with fireplace. Natural Oak woodwork accentuates the bar area. the lounge is a perfect setting for a cocktail before or after dinner and to enjoy one of our small plates selections


Banquet room

located on the second floor, boasting an authentic imported english pub. This authentic mahogany Pub, came by way of New Orleans. Now finally restored, it serves as a breathtaking addition to our facilities, as well as a beautiful conversation peace. The rich Decor of the room is highlighted by a hardwood dance floor and fireplace. Mahogany trim, hanging tapestries, and vintage furniture accentuate the natural Elegance of the banquet room. Accommodating Business meetings and cocktail parties, as well as formal dinners, Our banquet room is the perfect place for your next function. For more information please call us at 315-462-7184

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