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Posted Tuesday Mornings


Tuesday 11/28: $18

Southwest Chicken Sandwich - Grilled chicken breast, bacon, avocado, fried burrata cheese, roasted red pepper ketchup, grilled brioche roll, with sweet fries, and a pickle


Wednesday 11/29: $27

       Lobster Macaroni and Cheese - Tillamook cheddar, smoked gouda, orecchiette pasta, capicola, pancetta, butter poached lobster, scallion, and finished with a toasted panko topping


Thursday 11/30: $20

        Grilled Shrimp Burger – 8oz shrimp burger, mango salsa, mint, cilantro, wasabi aioli, grilled brioche roll, sweet fries, and a pickle


Friday 12/1: $20

       Barbecue brisket Plate - Smoked brisket, macaroni salad, fries, corn bread and barbeque sauce

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